50 Watts vs. 100 Watts: Which Is Better for Your B&W 702 Speakers?

When deciding between 50w and 100w for your B&W 702 speakers, it’s not just about volume but also about power dynamics and cleanliness.


  • More power means better handling of dynamic music passages
  • Efficiency and room size play a role in power usage
  • Clean power is essential, not just loudness


Sub__Finem suggests that more power is beneficial for handling dynamic music changes effectively, even if you don’t always listen at high volume levels


John_Crypto_Rambo mentions that power usage can vary based on room size and speaker efficiency, highlighting the importance of environmental factors


leelmix talks about the significance of clean power over loudness, emphasizing the importance of considering the current capability of the amps


audioman1999 recommends using an Amplifier Power Calculator to determine the appropriate power for your setup