Are CD Carousels Still Cool in 2024? Our Audiophile Community Deliberates

CD carousels, those nostalgic gadgets of yore, are they still relevant in today’s music scene? Let’s dive into the discussion within our audiophile community.


  • CD carousels may evoke nostalgia but face obsolescence due to digital music streaming.
  • The convenience of ripping CDs to a digital server outweighs the charm of physical carousels.
  • Despite their appeal, practicality concerns and maintenance issues plague classic CD carousels.


According to user 2old2care, carousels no longer make sense with the advent of ripping CDs for digital playback. The ease and quality of streaming services like Apple Music overshadow the allure of physical multi-disc players


tboland1 appreciates the aesthetic of carousels but acknowledges the functionality of digital music servers. Personal preference aside, the shift towards digital convenience seems undeniable


copperisblue recounts a cumbersome experience with a 200-disc changer, highlighting organizational challenges and the transition towards streaming services. The practicality of traditional carousels seems diminished in the era of streaming


Elimin8r’s tale of an old Carver carousel unit showcases the charm of vintage tech but also exposes the maintenance and functionality issues associated with these devices. The user opts for modern playback methods instead

In an era dominated by streaming and digital music libraries, the allure of CD carousels diminishes as users prioritize convenience and quality. While these nostalgic gadgets hold sentimental value, practicality issues and maintenance complexities often outweigh their charm. The audiophile community reflects on the evolution of music consumption, where the convenience of digital formats reigns supreme over physical relics of the past