Are Expensive Audio Cables Worth the Hype?

So could someone explain this to me? How much of my Body do I have to sell and what’s all that gear?


  • High-priced audio cables spark debate and curiosity within the audiophile community
  • Zensati cables featured in a million-Euro system at the Munich Audio show
  • Users question the necessity and effectiveness of ultra-expensive accessories

Insightful Comments

The picture generated mixed reactions, with one user finding the setup silly and unnecessary

Another user pointed out the exorbitant prices of hifi cables and questioned the logic behind overspending

One comment suggested a working get-rich-quick scheme involving cables and accessories

Users debated the correlation between more cable molecules and enhanced sound

Reaction to Price

Some were shocked by the cables costing 230,000€, while others found them worth 600,000€

Overkill or Worthwhile?

Opinions varied, with some feeling the setup was excessive while others defended the investment in quality audio

Engineering Perspectives

Users criticized the design from an engineering standpoint, suggesting better alternatives to achieving optimal sound