Are Soundbars the Ultimate PC Setup Audio Solution?

Are you looking to enhance your PC setup with a soundbar? Let’s dive into the discussion around using soundbars for PC audio!


  • Soundbars offer a convenient and space-saving audio solution for PC setups.
  • Users debate the effectiveness of soundbars at close listening distances.
  • Higher quality speakers and subwoofers are preferred by some over traditional soundbars.

RaptorPowers314’s Observation

RaptorPowers314 highlighted the size difference between their Samsung q600c soundbar and a 42-inch LG monitor used within their PC setup.

Users’ Experiences

“Yesterday i activated dts app and was showing DTS while i was playing a game..i just don’t know if it better that multi pcm.” – PAULJOBE47

Space_Rangerr switched from a Sonos soundbar to high-quality speakers with a subwoofer, finding the latter to be more satisfying for PC use.

PC Soundbar Considerations

Some users debate the practicality of soundbars for close listening ranges, with SnooMuffins873 preferring a gaming soundbar due to sitting too close for a full-sized option.

Final Thoughts

Despite the varied opinions on soundbars for PC setups, it’s clear that users value audio quality and personal preferences when making their choices. Whether you opt for a soundbar or a speaker setup, finding the right audio solution for your PC can truly enhance your overall experience.