Are WD’s New 6TB Portable Hard Drives Worth the Hype?

Reddit users share mixed opinions on WD’s new 6TB portable hard drives, discussing reliability issues and alternative solutions.


  • Users like the high capacity of WD’s new portable hard drives but express concerns about reliability.
  • Some users prefer regular drives with enclosures over portable hard drives.
  • Several users have experienced data loss and electronic failures with WD’s previous models.

Users Express Mixed Opinions

One user mentioned preferring traditional drives with enclosures, highlighting the cost-effectiveness of this approach over purchasing portable hard drives. They also questioned the relevance of 2.5″ HDDs in today’s market, suggesting the popularity of M2 enclosures.

Another user expressed frustration with the touchiness of WD’s external hard drives, emphasizing data loss concerns after backing up large amounts of media files.

Concerns About Reliability

Some users, like lantz83, straightforwardly stated their disinterest in WD’s new models, indicating a lack of trust in the brand or product quality.

One user, slipperyslope69, shared their negative experience with WD’s ‘Pro’ version, mentioning failures not related to the drive itself but to other electronic components within the device.

Exploring Alternatives

Despite the convenience of portable hard drives, it seems that some Reddit users are looking into alternative solutions due to past reliability issues and data loss concerns.

In conclusion, while WD’s new 6TB portable hard drives offer impressive storage capacity, users are divided on their reliability and functionality, prompting some to seek alternative storage options.