Asus ROG Ally SD Card Reader Controversy: Fixable or Forever Flawed?

Asus is under fire for the ROG Ally’s SD card reader dilemma.


  • Users express frustration with the ROG Ally’s unreliable SD card reader.
  • Speculation on reasons behind Asus’ silence on the issue.
  • Suggestions for workarounds and alternative solutions from the community.
  • Comparison with competing products like the Steam Deck.

Users Voice Concerns

As a self-proclaimed Asus enthusiast, one user paints a bleak picture of endless frustrations and unresolved issues with the ROG Ally’s SD card reader, hinting at alternative products.

Technical Speculations

Some users delve into the technical aspects, speculating on the possibility of a permanent fix for the SD card reader problem, including the potential role of heat pipe placement and solder quality.

Community Recommendations

While some users opt to avoid the card reader altogether, others suggest software workarounds or upgrading the SSD instead. A lively debate ensues on the best approach.

Despite the challenges, users continue to discuss the ROG Ally’s performance and compare it to other products in the market, raising questions about the device’s initial hype.