Avant Garde Colibri C2 at Munich High End: A Gem or Overpriced Luxury?

Discover the true value of the Avant Garde Colibri C2 at the Munich High End event. Is it a hidden gem or just an overpriced luxury item?


  • The Avant Garde Colibri C2 surprised attendees with its impeccable sound quality, rivaling much more expensive systems.
  • Despite its high price tag, many users were astounded by the room-filling, crystal clear sound of the Colibris.
  • Some users were taken aback by the seemingly modest price of $11K compared to the perceived value of the speakers.

Positive Reception

The room-filling sound and clarity of the Colibri C2 blew away attendees, with some even preferring it over the more expensive options. The speaker’s performance at the show left a lasting impression on many, showcasing its potential to compete with top-tier systems.

Price Debate

Users were split on the $11K price point of the Colibri C2, with some deeming it reasonable for the quality offered, while others found it exorbitant for a pair of speakers. The discrepancy between online pricing sources and the actual cost intrigued many, sparking discussions on perceived value.

User Critiques

One user criticized the design of the Colibri C2, referring to the horns as gaudy. While sound quality impressed most attendees, aesthetic preferences varied among users, highlighting the subjective nature of audio equipment appreciation.