Best Bluetooth Soundbar for TV – (Reviewed in 2023)

It is high time everything goes smart, be it our smartphones, Televisions, and now Soundbars. The technology evolves at a 360-speed, and digital enthusiasts are going crazy over it. However, the TV brands focus on adding more exciting features but wouldn’t bother to enhance the existing ones, like the built-in speakers.

Yes, it is a shame that high-end TVs fail to produce quality audio and divert users to add devices to satisfy their needs. That’s how the Soundbars were born. It is a fantastic addition to the tech-savvy world that delivers crystal clear audio with maximum volume and less distortion. With multiple connectivity options, pairing it with your smart devices and enjoying the dramatic sound is no longer a dream.

Therefore, we are here with the four Best Bluetooth Soundbar for TV that you consider and update your sound system.

  • Sony HT-A7000 Soundbar
  • Sonos Beam Soundbar
  • TCL Alto 8+ Soundbar
  • YAMAHA YAS-109 Soundbar

Best Bluetooth Soundbar for TV Comparison Table 2023

1. Sony HT-A7000 7.1.2ch 500W Dolby Atmos Soundbar

Sony HT-A7000 7.1.2ch 500W Dolby Atmos Soundbar

Sony HT-A7000 7.1ch is a decent Soundbar with an attractive matte design, perfect for adding caliber to your home interior. Its eye-soothing design catches your attention until it starts playing because the realistic and thrilling audio quality will take you to another imaginary world.

It is the best Bluetooth soundbar for TV because of the Dolby Vision, 8K, 4K,120 support that produces powerful audio while ensuring content compatibility. Moreover, it keeps you entertained with X-balanced drivers and integrated woofers that play their part in delivering rich bass. The dedicated center channel ensures clear-cut dialogue delivery, ensuring you understand even the whispers in shows. Also, the center channel highlights the dialogue even at the fast sound for better understanding.

Moreover, setting up and navigation is also user-friendly. Thanks to the built-in Voice control, you will no longer leave your comfort zone to find a remote for voice management, mode changing, etc. You can also make significant adjustments to the audio, toning, bass, treble, and other functions with a user-friendly UI design, promoting a seamless user experience.

Sony is also kind enough to ease the streaming process by offering multiple connectivity options, including WiFi, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, and Apple AirPlay 2. Hence, the exciting functions and room-shaking audio quality make it the best Bluetooth soundbar for TV.

2. Sonos Beam Soundbar

Sonos Beam Soundbar

Sonos Beam is a huge and trustworthy name in the Soundbar industry. It has launched some amazing products working hard to transform your audio-streaming experience. It is another smart TV soundbar in black. It is willing to give you an excellent acoustic experience while not consuming much space.

It is a compact and thrilling device that delivers home theatre vibes with rich and detailed audio that no other speakers can offer. The maximum volume shakes the room at its full potential while not compromising the dialogue delivery and audio clarity. Its high-resolution sound delivery keeps you hooked with movies, shows, documentaries, and other sound-sensitive content.

Moreover, this creative piece of art offers flexible connectivity via Optical digital, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and HDMI inputs. Besides, it is a plug-and-play device, takes about 2 minutes to set up and play the music via the automatic remote detection feature. Also, the built-in Alexa support makes controlling and setting up the device more convenient besides switching the device pairing and more functions.

3. TCL Alto 8+ 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar

TCL Alto 8+ 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar

TCL Alto 8+ is another one-unit soundbar suitable to place under your smart TV. Though the wireless connectivity helps you with quick and automatic pairing with saved devices, its stylish matte design adds charm to the place.

The Soundbar is designed to significantly update the television audio system while bringing dramatic, room-filling acoustic excitement. It claims to deliver clear yet dynamic cinematic sound even at high volume with no noticeable distortion. Besides compelling drivers busy producing rich and detailed sound, the built-in woofer drivers also produce rich bass for the exhilarating listening experience.

The smart TCL Alto 8+ Soundbar also offers three different audio tuning settings that adjust the functions according to the content. Movie, News, and Music modes automatically balance the tune drivers while highlighting the dialogue and boosting the playback audio where required.

Surprisingly, this advanced Smart Soundbar has a built-in 4K streaming player that offers multiple streaming channels and apps for quick music searching and playing. The alexa support will find you whatever you want to listen without wasting time and any potential hassle. Spotify Connect, Starz, Amazon Music are some examples to convince you.

At last, pairing the TCL Alto 8+ is not a headache anymore with USB, HDMI, Optical, and Bluetooth. Whatever device you have in the house will be compatible with this impressive Soundbar and satisfy your ears with high-resolution audio. This best Bluetooth soundbar for TV will never stop surprising you with its hidden function that will reveal when using.

4. YAMAHA YAS-109 Sound Bar with Bluetooth

Yamaha YAS-109 Soundbar

Yamaha YAS-109 is a famous Soundbar from the brand that has been many users’ go-to device. Its easy setup, affordable price tag, and fascinating built-in functions convinced us to review it one more time. First, it has an eye-catching design with little texture and matte finishing. A few LED light indicators at the top are also great addition to keep track of usage.

Apart from the sound-producing drivers, Yamaha YAS-109 integrates dual subwoofers drivers that ensure rich and detailed bass delivery to provide an immersive acoustic experience. The DTS Virtual:X support keeps the users hooked with the audio-streaming via different effects and loud music, coming from every room corner.

Despite a high-frequency level without compromising the quality, the Soundbar offers multiple sound modes that let you customize the audio quality according to the content. Voice enhancement-mode focuses on delivering crystal clear dialogues, even ensures transparency in whispers.

Moreover, the integrated Fire TV may eliminate the need to pair Soundbar with external devices because the built-in channels provide a variety of music that can be searched and played in seconds via Alexa support. However, since it is the best Bluetooth soundbar for TV, wireless or wired connectivity via USB or HDMI is not an issue.


If you are certain to update your existing speakers, you must consider these four best Bluetooth soundbars for TV. All the functions are designed carefully to enhance your audio-streaming experience with the latest technology integration.

Also, the Soundbars know their job pretty well of producing high-quality voice no matter what the content you play. So, these Soundbars got your back from dialogue delivery to high frequency volumes.

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.