Best Mid Tier Sound Bar Recommendations for Newbies: A Reddit Dive

Looking to upgrade your sound bar game after dropping 2k on a TV? Let’s see what Reddit has to offer in the mid-tier segment.


  • Community favorites lean towards the Q990C for solid mid-tier performance.
  • Educational discounts and credit card deals can save you a few bucks on your purchase.
  • The 990D is recommended for gaming enthusiasts.

Community Recommendations

kclivin suggests the Q990C, stating it’s on sale.

longh0rnn recommends the 990D for gaming with a 4k 120hz passthru feature. They also mention discount options for students and BOA credit card holders.

Brilliant-End4664 chimes in with a vote for the Q990C.

This Reddit thread is a treasure trove of sound bar wisdom for newbies like you seeking the best bang for their buck.