Best Placement for Your Soundbar: High or Low?

In a dilemma over where to put your soundbar? Let’s explore the best placement for your Q990C soundbar!


  • High or low? The optimal position of your soundbar deepens your audio experience.
  • Consider ergonomic viewing angles for enhanced audio visual experience.
  • Balance aesthetics with functionality when deciding on the placement.

High or Low: The Debate

Considering your TV’s elevation, mounting the soundbar either below the TV or on a cabinet has sparked a debate among users. Elliotborst suggests lowering the TV height to prioritize the viewing experience over a shoe storage tower. RyanAdil simply agrees, while DariukaB emphasizes placing the screen at eye level for ideal viewing.

Seeking the Perfect Harmony

Placing the soundbar at different heights can affect sound diffusion and user experience. While a lower placement may offer a more traditional setup, positioning the soundbar closer to the TV could enhance audio-visual harmony. The key lies in striking a balance between aesthetics and acoustics.

Practical Considerations

When determining the placement, factors such as room layout, furniture arrangement, and personal preference should be taken into account. Experimenting with various placements can help you find the sweet spot for your soundbar, ensuring an immersive audio journey.