Best Settings for Samsung Soundbar

SoundBar is one of the best sound systems that you can use to improve the sound quality of your television and have a cinematic experience on movie nights with your friends and family. There might be hundreds of SoundBars to choose from. One of the best ones is the Samsung SoundBar. 

For a SoundBar to work correctly, there are specific settings and tricks that you can do to enhance the quality of the audio that comes out from it. In this article, we will share the best settings for Samsung SoundBar that you can try with ease. 

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Settings and Tricks For Samsung SoundBar to Get the Best Sound

The following topics will provide you a detail guide of the Best Settings for Samsung Soundbar. Without wasting our time lets start the process.

HDMI Connection 

SoundBar comes with plenty of connectivity options that you can choose to connect the device with your television. In Samsung Soundbar, you will find an HDMI connection which is the most common and the best way to achieve the best sound from the SoundBar.

Look for an HDMI ARC connectivity port that you can use to send signals from your Soundbar to television and vice versa.  HDMI ARC is a multitasking cable, and whatever you connect with your TV will give the sound from the Samsung SoundBar. 

There might be a chance that the HDMI ARC on your Samsung SoundBar does not work automatically; in that case, you have to use the remote and make a few changes in the sound output. HDMI ARC is used in several devices. Therefore it is trustworthy. 


Calibration is one of the most significant aspects determining the quality of sound that comes out of a SoundBar or any other external audio system. Samsung SoundBar has more than one audio preset, and you can choose whichever works the best for you. 

The audio presets for different purposes such as music movies, improve the dialogue clarity enhancing sound effects, and more. The music setting is the best. Suppose you are using the SoundBar to listen to the music. If you don’t want to calibrate the SoundBar settings, you can enable the auto-calibration feature. 

In the auto-calibration feature, the sound is played and then fixed or chosen as per the best EQ settings regarding acoustics and other factors. When you watch the movie, the dialogues must come clearly, so whenever you watch a movie or show, calibrate the settings as per the movie.

Sound Syncing

Another thing that you must set in a Samsung SoundBar is the syncing of the audio. When you connect a SoundBar to television, if the settings are not appropriate, then there are chances that the image or the video on the screen is different from the audio coming out of the SoundBar, which can be highly frustrating. 

To fix the issue, your HDMI arc and eArc must enable connectivity ports on the Samsung SoundBar and must have an auto lip-sync correction built-in. This sync corrector helps you in fixing this issue whenever you face it. 

You must say that the power sockets you are using to connect TV and SoundBar are in the proper condition and HDMI cables are also new. If the issue still exists, find the audio delay feature on your SoundBar and your television and change its settings. 


Positioning of the SoundBar plays a significant role in the sound quality. Whenever you place a SoundBar, make sure that it has a proper space around it. The ideal place to put a SoundBar is on a cabinet instead of putting it inside the cabinet. 

The positioning of the SoundBar also depends on the positioning of the speakers on the SoundBar. For example, if the speakers are on the sides, then the cabinet would do. But if the speakers are below, it would be best to mount the SoundBar on the wall. 

You should always try to position The SoundBar at a place where you can hear the sound properly. Therefore, many people place the SoundBar near the television so that it seems realistic that a sound is coming from and around the television. 

No to inbuilt Speakers

If you are using a Samsung SoundBar, the best thing to do is switch off the inbuilt speakers in the television. If you think that using both internal speakers and SoundBar would give you a better sound quality, you are wrong. It will only create equalizing problems. 

You cannot expect two speakers to render a similar sound quality. If you do not get similar sound quality from two devices, then it is evident that you will face disturbances while watching or listening. The most prominent issue faced when you keep the inbuilt speakers in use is the diluted and muffled sounds that can significantly disturb. 

Equalizing SoundBar

Equalizing sound quality can boost the Samsung SoundBar as these settings help you in hand the quality as per your requirements. You can adjust the equalizer settings in most of the SoundBars these days with the help of remote control or a button. 

If not the remote control, many SoundBars have started to come with an equalizer app that you can use to do the same. You can adjust the frequency and bass of the SoundBar by using the user manual, and once you have done that, the next time won’t be a big deal. 

Summing Up 

The Samsung SoundBar is one of the most popular ones, and getting good sound from the device is essential. There are various settings and tricks that you can do to get a good sound quality from your Samsung SoundBar.

In this article, we mentioned a few of them that you could try. Each setting mentioned in this article doesn’t take a lot of effort. We hope this article will prove beneficial for you, and you’ll be able to get an outstanding sound from your Samsung SoundBar.