Best Soundbars for Chromecasting with TV Off

Looking to enjoy music or audiobooks on your soundbar without the TV screen on? Let’s find out the best options for Chromecasting with your TV off!


  • Explore using HDMI input for Chromecast integration
  • Consider utilizing Bluetooth for seamless connection
  • Some soundbar models like Sony HT-A5000 and A7000 support the feature

Utilize TV Settings for Picture Off Mode

If you have a soundbar with HDMI input, you can plug your Chromecast into it and connect the HDMI out to your TV to play audio while the TV screen is off. Consider disabling CEC for total control.

Bluetooth Connectivity for Convenience

Newer Smart TVs and soundbars offer Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy to stream audio wirelessly. You can also use your phone as a source and connect via Bluetooth for audiobook playback.

Sony Soundbars for Advanced Features

Sony HT-A5000 and A7000 models are known to support Chromecasting with the TV off, offering high-quality sound and advanced features for an immersive listening experience.

The user comments highlight various methods and recommendations to achieve your desired setup without compromising on audio quality.