Best Way to Install Rear Speakers in Small Apartments – A Sound Tech Dilemma

Do you know the best way to install rear speakers in a small apartment?


  • Choosing the right height for rear speakers is crucial for optimal sound delivery.
  • Mounting speakers at ear level or slightly above can enhance the audio experience.
  • Consider speaker angle and placement for the best surround sound effects.

Users’ Perspectives on Rear Speaker Installation

Mazur90 seeks advice on mounting the rear speakers in a small apartment, contemplating various height and positioning options to achieve the perfect setup. NTPC4 cautions against placing speakers in upper corners, highlighting the impact on rear channel Atmos effects, while OmarDaily recommends ear level installation. cj106iscool009 shares his experience with a similar setup and emphasizes the importance of proximity for immersive sound. lastberserker references previous advice on relocating rear speakers to the front for improved performance.