Best Ways to Reduce Samsung Q990B Subwoofer Vibrations

Looking for ways to reduce vibrations in your Samsung Q990B subwoofer? Let’s dive into the best solutions to enhance your audio experience!


  • Explore using specific feet or padding to reduce vibrations
  • Consider Sound Addicted SubCone Isolation products
  • Experiment with different materials like rubber feet

Feet vs. Pads

Some users prefer using thin carpets or feet to isolate the subwoofer and reduce vibrations. Others suggest trying out sound isolation products like Sound Addicted SubCone Isolation for optimal results.

DIY Solutions

Experimenting with various household items as pads could also be a cost-effective solution. Users have reported success with simple tweaks, showing that innovation can sometimes trump expensive products.

Rubber Feet

Using rubber feet on hardwood floors is a popular choice to minimize vibrations. As one user mentioned, even small adjustments like adding tiny rubber feet can make a noticeable difference in sound quality.