Bucket List Speakers Acquired: A Dream Come True for Audiophiles

Wonderful-Bike2997 recently shared the joy of acquiring their long-coveted bucket list speakers, sparking a buzz in the audiophile community. From the prestigious Infinity IRS V’s to the cutting-edge Pass Labs XA200.5’s, every detail of their setup had enthusiasts in awe.


  • Acquiring bucket list speakers is a monumental moment for audiophiles.
  • The Infinity IRS V’s and Pass Labs XA200.5’s are top-tier components that elevate the listening experience.
  • Enthusiasts marveled at the selection of PS Audio gear and meticulous setup details shared by the OP.


VinylHighway expressed awe at the Infinity IRS V speakers, questioning the cost and refurbishment details, showing a keen interest in the OP’s setup.


rotel12 admired the craftsmanship of the speakers and inquired about maintenance, highlighting the challenges of owning vintage audio equipment.


RemoveHuman humorously requested a listening session, reflecting the community’s eagerness to experience high-end audio setups firsthand.


magicmulder playfully compared the OP’s setup to bookshelf speakers, highlighting the longstanding reputation of the Infinity IRS V speakers and teasing about room size considerations.

magicmulder’s curiosity about the speaker transport process resonated with those familiar with the logistics of handling large audio equipment.


OrbitalRunner praised the OP’s find and inquired about its origin, showcasing the fascination with the acquisition journey of coveted audio gear.

The community’s reactions to Wonderful-Bike2997’s setup reveal a blend of admiration, curiosity, and camaraderie among audiophiles, celebrating the pursuit of sonic excellence and the joys of sharing audio experiences.