BYL Soundbar Review

Soundbars are the best choice for a home theatre setup. They deliver an incredible audio quality that your TV fails to offer.

In addition, BYL Soundbar is the budget-friendly and most stylish soundbar you could get. Its sound quality is pretty impressive and offers a sustainable connection with Bluetooth 4.2. It also has few highlighting points that could step up the game and help the soundbar stand out among competitors.

BYL Soundbar Review

BYL Soundbar Review

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Model Name


Speaker Type


Connectivity Options

Wired & Wireless (Bluetooth)

Recommended For

TVs & Smart TVs


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5.1 Pounds



Soundbar Dimensions

32.16 x 6 x 5.62 inches


Available in 3 Different Prices

Elegant Design

BYL soundbar comes with a high-end design. The 28-inch long soundbar houses 3-inch full-range advanced drivers at the front along with dual tweet drivers. The elegant design of the soundbar comes in black with all the connectivity ports at the back.

In addition, you can put the soundbar right beside your TV as it will enhance the value and offer sustainable connection, whether wired or wireless.

High-Quality Audio Delivery

The audio quality of the BYL soundbar is promising. The 3-Inch full-range drivers work wonders and deliver balanced bass and treble. Moreover, the BYL home theatre soundbar provides clear dialogue clarity while streaming different contents, including movies, shows, music, and news.

Furthermore, the volume is high enough to cater for an average living room. Still, the volume can be manageable using a handy remote control.

DSP Technology

BYL soundbar lets you experience a fantastic sound quality with its three sound modes. The modes including, music, movie and news that will prove to be a game-changer. It will enhance the clarity and quality of the content you would play. In addition, DSP technology offers easy switching to the modes from the dedicated buttons on the remote control.

Bluetooth Connection

Though you will be getting wired connectivity options including Aux, Optical Cable, and USB, the wireless Bluetooth connection seems more reliable and sustainable. BYL Soundbar offers Bluetooth 4.2 connection that provides strong signals from any compatible device.

Moreover, the Bluetooth connection catches signals from at least 33 feet of distance, which is quite impressive. It does not bound your compatible device to stay near the soundbar.

Remote Control

What is the point of using any digital device when you have to manage it manually?

Yes, the BYL soundbar realizes that you won’t have to compromise your comfort while switching sound modes and managing volume. Hence you will get a full-function handy remote control that would allow you to manage your soundbar from the comfort of your couch.

It will make your life easy as it has dedicated buttons for connections, modes, volumes, and other settings. However, the manual book with the device will further help you understand the soundbar and remote control.


  • Elegant design
  • Three sound modes
  • Dialogue clarity
  • Rich volume
  • Balanced treble and bass
  • Three full-range drivers
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • Budget-friendly soundbar
  • 1-year warranty available


  • Bass quality may fall in high volume

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