Can a Biometric Dog Collar Predict Earthquakes? Reddit Weighs In

Reddit users are buzzing about a biometric dog collar that claims to predict earthquakes. Can our furry friends really sense seismic activity, or is it all just a howl in the wind?


  • Is Fido the next earthquake warning system?
  • Can collars provide meaningful seismic data?
  • Seismometers vs. stressed-out pups

Debunking the Myth

One user points out the flaws in relying on dog stress levels for earthquake predictions. Seismometers are the tried-and-true method for good reason, it seems.

Paws for Thought

Some users share personal anecdotes about their dogs’ pre-quake behaviors, suggesting that maybe a collar isn’t necessary after all.

Alternatives Are Wagging their Tails

Japan’s approach to earthquake warnings with seismic sensors gets a nod of approval from Reddit users, highlighting more reliable alternatives to doggy divination.

Despite the charm of the idea, it seems most users are skeptical about putting our seismic fate in the paws of our pets. While the concept of a biometric dog collar predicting earthquakes elicits a mix of amusement and intrigue, practicality and science seem to prevail for the Reddit community.