Class D vs Class AB: A Battle of Sound Signatures

Exploring the age-old debate of Class D vs Class AB sound signatures.


  • Class D sound: thin and bright or smooth and full?
  • Quality engineering affects sound performance.
  • Hybrid setups for optimal sound reproduction.

Debunking the Thin Myth

The perception of Class D as thin and bright may be outdated. Many users report experiencing smooth and full sound, attributing it to advancements in technology that have improved the sound quality.

Engineering Matters

Engineering plays a crucial role in sound quality. Users praise the robust build and performance of Anthem MRX series, highlighting the significance of quality engineering in sound reproduction.

Hybrid Sound Solutions

Hybrid setups, combining Class A/B for tweeters and Class D for midrange and bass, offer users a balanced sound experience. The integration of tube preamps with Class D amps provides a rich, natural sound that satisfies audiophiles.