How to Connect Soundbar to Samsung TV Using Optical Cable

Every day, our world is introduced to new technologies, and people around the world improve their homes by upgrading their devices from smartphones to smart T.Vs.

When it comes to smart T.Vs, we look for enhancements, like better colors, clear vision, better sounds and icing on the cake the gadgets that improve the quality of present sound like speakers and Soundbars.

Soundbars, being the sleekest and portable variant in the family of sound devices, is becoming a favorite. These soundbars, are compatible, user friendly and easy to use. Connectivity for this gadget is one time hassle and then you can enjoy the company of better sound and best experience.

Manuals are easily available with every home appliance you buy but moreover a simple technique can make you connect without the manuals. A few simple steps and you’re good to go. 

There are various ways to connect to Sound-bar, HDMI cable, Bluetooth or an Optical cable. To connect through an optical cable you need to follow a few simple steps as defined below,

How to Connect Soundbar to Samsung TV Using Optical Cable – (Detailed-Steps)

Without wasting our time lets start How to Connect Soundbar to Samsung TV Using Optical Cable with the help of some detailed steps.

Step 1: Un Boxing

Unwrap the sound-bar and look for the cables. A power cord and a few input wires would be provided by the company.

Step 2: Analyzing & Locate

Insert the power cord and look for the optical cable, which would look more like having small bulbs in the end. Take off the plastic covering and you’ve got the cables ready to be connected.

Step 3: Build up a Connection

Figure out the shape of your optical cable and look for the placement on the back of your Samsung T.V set, normally labelled as OPTICAL OUT or AUDIO OUT. Each cord normally has a typical shape mostly same on the both sides, on T.V and the device.

Step 4: Positioning

Hold on the cable in correct dimension, carefully align the wire shape and snap it in on your T.V set, with a little push and you’re done.

Step 5: Initializing

Now you’re half way done. Now you need to connect the Soundbar by inserting the other end of the cable to your Sound-bar.

Step 6: Connecting with Soundbar

Look for the similar shaped as the end of your cable mostly labelled AUDIO INPUT or OPTICAL INPUT and tug it in.

Step 7: Synchronizing

Now turn on the power of both devices. Make sure the power cords of both devices are firmly connected.

Step 8: Device Configuration

From here you’ll have to configure and set your devices to be able to use.

Step 9: Setup

Look out in the menu/settings of your Samsung TV set and go to sounds options as followed;

Step 10: Finalize

Turn off the T.V speakers and connect the optical speakers from the options provided in the menu labelled Audio OUT/ OPTICAL.

You’re connected. Select the correct input using the source button on the remote provided with the Sound-bar. Additionally, volume could be controlled by the T.V remote, but if it doesn’t, use the sound-bar remote and you’re in control and Enjoy the leisure of quality music.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mostly found in with the sound bar box, a cable with small bulb ends.It’s covered with small plastic to avoid any damage to the optical lens.

Yes, it can be connected with the help of Bluetooth. Go to settings and enable the Bluetooth on your television set. Search the device name and click to connect soundbar with your TV.

In order to connect your tv with the soundbar, turn off the tv speakers by going to the menu of your television and enable the soundbar option by clicking optical input.


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The simpler the interface is, the best the experience is!