DARPA’s Massive Manta Ray Robotic Sub: Innovative or Terrifying?

In a world where manta rays meet robotics, DARPA’s innovation plunges into the sea creating waves of curiosity and concern.


  • Users ponder the purpose of the robotic sub, questioning its objectives.
  • Some find humor in potential pranks with the sub, showcasing a lighter side to the discussion.
  • Comparisons to fictional works like Metal Gear and SeaQuest spark excitement and imagination.
  • Concerns about the sub’s design resembling a sunfish raise questions about its visual appeal.

Users’ Curiosity

Many users expressed curiosity about the intended purpose of the massive manta ray robotic sub, highlighting a mix of awe and confusion regarding its capabilities.

Prankster’s Delight

One user humorously proposed using the sub for pranks during holidays, adding a playful twist to the discussion and showcasing a creative utilization of the technology.

Fictional Inspirations

References to iconic series like SeaQuest and Metal Gear demonstrate users’ excitement as they draw parallels between the robotic sub and fictional works, amplifying the intrigue surrounding its design.

Visual Resemblance

Debates regarding the sub’s visual resemblance to a sunfish raised concerns about its aesthetic appeal, prompting users to question its design choices and overall impression.

While opinions vary on DARPA’s manta ray robot, the amalgamation of curiosity, humor, and skepticism in the Reddit thread reflects a vibrant spectrum of perspectives on this groundbreaking technological feat.