DARPA’s Massive Manta Ray Robotic Submarine: A Sea-worthy Prank or Serious Tech?

DARPA’s massive Manta Ray robotic submarine is making waves in the community, with users speculating on its potential uses and practical jokes.


  • Users wonder about the purpose of the Manta Ray submarine.
  • Speculations include using it for pranks and transport in the Black Sea.
  • Some mistake it for a CG mockup while others relate it to popular culture references like Metal Gear.
  • Questions arise about noise masking and the resemblance to a sunfish.

Intended Purpose

Some users ponder the intended function of the Manta Ray submarine. While DARPA’s innovation is impressive, its exact role remains a mystery to the curious minds of the community.

Pop Culture References

References to pop culture icons such as Metal Gear arise, showcasing how the design of the submarine sparks connections to beloved fictional technology.

Noise Masking Concerns

The potential of using underwater drones to play whale sounds for noise masking prompts discussions on the impact on marine life and submarine operations.