Decoding Dolby: Navigating Amazon Prime Audio on Sonos Arc

Amazon Prime has made changes to its audio offerings, leaving users puzzled. A Redditor seeks guidance on spotting Dolby Digital compatibility and setting up Sonos Arc with an LG C3 TV.


  • Amazon Prime alters Dolby offerings, causing confusion.
  • User specific to set up Sonos Arc with Dolby Digital.


Amazon Prime’s move away from Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos in its ad-supported plan has left users scratching their heads. The absence of Dolby Digital details on the platform adds to the confusion, especially for beginners.

User Experience

Reddit user Unusual-Ad2912 raises a valid concern about the lack of Dolby Digital information on Amazon Prime, seeking guidance on identifying movie or series support and setting up Sonos Arc with an LG C3 TV.

Community Response

The community expresses dismay at Amazon’s changing audio formats, with Adjunct_Junk pointing out the frustration of this new development. OneSeatDown offers a practical solution through the Sonos app to check the audio type being played on the soundbar.