Decoding the Mysterious XLR Connector on Pass Lab Amp: A Deep Dive

Confused by the XLR connector on your Pass Lab amp? Let’s dive into the Reddit discussion to decode its purpose and functionality.


  • Jumpers connect opposite legs for balanced signal via XLR and RCA
  • Grounding the neg XLR input boosts gain, especially on Aleph amps
  • Removing jumpers enables pure XLR usage while keeping track for RCA fallback
  • Shorting XLR negative to earth optimizes amplifier gain for RCA input

XLR Connector Functionality

The XLR pin configuration enables a unique method of balancing signals, enhancing audio quality by isolating noise interference.

RCA vs. XLR Gain Discrepancy

Grounding the negative XLR input to enhance gain may be necessary for certain amplifier models, ensuring optimal performance.

Jumper Pin Usage

Understanding the purpose of jumper pins in XLR connectors can help in seamlessly transitioning between balanced and single-ended inputs, offering versatility in setups.

Deciphering the intricacies of XLR connectors on high-end amplifiers is key to maximizing audio performance and maintaining hardware integrity.