Did I Ruin My New Cartridge? The Truth About Handling Turntable Mishaps

FLSchmittBag bought a new cartridge for his turntable but accidentally dropped it while unboxing. Sounds chaotic, but is his $159 investment ruined? Let’s dive into the audiophile community’s thoughts on the matter.


  • Shelling out for an upgrade can backfire when accidents happen
  • Debris could be the culprit behind extra surface noise
  • Proper alignment is key for optimal sound quality

FLSchmittBag’s Misfortune

FLSchmittBag’s mishap was no joke – dropping a delicate cartridge can be nerve-wracking. However, the lack of visual damage gave hope that all was not lost, leading to a mix of relief and anxiety while testing it out

Community Advice

Members jumped in with advice, pointing out that surface noise could be related to debris build-up and that proper alignment is crucial for sound quality

Stylus Sensitivity

Posters noted the connection between seeing debris on the stylus and hearing surface noise, highlighting the importance of maintenance

Final Verdict

Ultimately, FLSchmittBag’s cartridge mishap may not have been a disaster. By following community suggestions for alignment and maintenance, he can still enjoy optimal sound quality