Ford’s Low-Cost EV Team: Secretive Talents from Rivian, Tesla, Apple

Ford’s low-cost EV team is expanding with talent from Rivian, Tesla, and Apple.


  • Is Ford’s EV team truly secretive or just strategic?
  • Community skepticism around Ford’s commitment to EVs.
  • Mixed reactions to potential EV advancements.

Intriguing Talent Mix

Ford’s team includes talent from Rivian, Tesla, and Apple, raising eyebrows in the tech world. The transfer of skills and knowledge from these innovative companies could lead to groundbreaking EV developments.

Skepticism Rises

Some users question Ford’s intentions, recalling recent statements about scaling back EV production. The timing of the EV team’s growth is seen as suspicious by some, leading to doubt about the company’s long-term EV strategy.

Potential for Advancements

Others see the addition of top talent as an opportunity for Ford to make significant progress in the EV market. The prospect of more affordable and diverse EV offerings excites those hoping for a broader adoption of electric vehicles.