Fyne Audio Vintage Twelve – Audiophile Delight or Disappointment?

Are you considering the Fyne Audio Vintage Twelve for your system? Be sure to check out the insights and debates swirling around this highly anticipated addition to the audiophile realm and whether it truly delivers on its promises.


  • Find out why room treatment is non-negotiable for some audiophiles
  • Explore the unique pairing of Fyne and Linn equipment
  • Discover the surprising size versus performance expectations of the Fyne Audio Vintage Twelve

The Fiery Fyne Debate

As redditor QuestionTop3963 playfully points out, the Fyne Audio Vintage Twelve system indeed ‘looks fyne.’ Whether it sounds as good as it looks, however, is a different story altogether. While some users like Kasumi_l are curious about the Fyne speakers in comparison to Tannoy counterparts, others like QuietDouble825 are more interested in the user’s upgrade journey before landing on this system

Being Critical

Commenter Same-Coast-9300 raises a valid concern about the proximity of the Linn equipment to the speakers, prompting a discussion on potential feedback issues. On a different note, fourdogslong expresses confusion over the speaker’s design, asking, ‘Is that a tweeter on the bottom of the speaker?’ Aesthetics versus functionality continue to be a point of contention

To Rock, or Not to Rock?

One of the most intriguing comments comes from 2bags12kuai, who questions the speaker’s capacity to ‘rock out’ based on its seemingly deceptive size specifications online. This sparks a conversation on the speaker’s performance capabilities and whether it delivers on the promise of powerful sound

At the intersection of design, functionality, and sonic performance, the Fyne Audio Vintage Twelve stirs up a variety of reactions within the audiophile community. From concerns about room acoustics to skepticism about speaker design, users engage in lively debates that ultimately highlight the diverse perspectives and expectations within this passionate community