Gay Furry Hackers Shake Up Alt-Right Media – A Fun Twist on Cybersecurity

SiegedSec, a hacker group known as ‘gay furries,’ breached an American far-right media outlet, sparking mixed reactions. Learn more about their cyber escapades.


  • Cybersecurity takes a whimsical turn with ‘gay furry hackers’ infiltrating far-right media.
  • The breach targeted an outlet known for spreading misinformation and transphobia.
  • Opinions are divided, with some seeing the hackers as heroes and others questioning the unusual methods.

Controversial Cyber Infiltration

SiegedSec, self-described as ‘gay furries,’ hacked a far-right media outlet owned by Robert Sigg. The breach aimed to expose misinformation and transphobia within the platform’s content. The unorthodox approach of the hackers has sparked a debate on the methods used in cybersecurity activism.

Community Reactions

While some applaud SiegedSec for taking a stand against far-right ideologies, others criticize their unconventional tactics. The diverse responses reflect the complexity of the intersection between cybersecurity and social justice movements.

Unconventional Heroes

The ‘gay furry hackers’ have garnered attention for their unique approach to cybersecurity activism. By blending humor and activism, they have challenged traditional notions of hacker groups and their motivations.