Grand Theft Auto 6 Fall 2025 Release and Take-Two’s Loss: What Gamers Are Saying

Take-Two’s recent massive loss and GTA 6 release news sparked a frenzy among gamers on Reddit.


  • Take-Two’s loss blamed on overpaying for Zynga and restructuring costs
  • Gamers express frustration and anger towards Take-Two
  • Excitement builds for GTA 6 release

Gamers’ Frustration

Many Reddit users criticized Take-Two for its financial decisions, specifically the acquisition of Zynga, leading to the massive loss and negative sentiment towards the company

Anticipation for GTA 6

Despite the financial turmoil, gamers are eagerly awaiting the release of GTA 6, with some even planning PC upgrades for the game

Alternative Solutions

Some users jokingly suggested that Take-Two should sell more shark cards to recover from the loss

Overall, the gaming community remains divided on Take-Two’s actions but united in their excitement for the upcoming GTA 6 release