HDMI Splitter vs. HDMI Switch: Which One Do You Need?

HDMI splitters? HDMI switches? Oh, the dilemma! Trying to connect all your devices to a single soundbar and TV got you feeling like a tech wizard with a headache? Well, fear not, for Crisiere is here to seek guidance from the Reddit audiophile community on the age-old splitter vs. switch dilemma!


  • HDMI switch is recommended over splitter for multiple devices to a single soundbar.
  • Utilizing the TV’s eARC feature can simplify connectivity without the need for additional hardware.

Insights on HDMI Splitter

When it comes to HDMI splitters, opinions are divided. Some users believe that HDMI splitters can lead to audio quality degradation due to signal splitting, potentially impacting the overall sound experience. However, others argue that using a high-quality splitter can still deliver satisfactory results for casual users.

Switching to HDMI Switch

The general consensus leans towards HDMI switches for scenarios involving multiple devices and a single soundbar. Users praise the convenience and efficiency of switches in seamlessly managing connections between various sources without compromising on audio quality.

eARC: The Game Changer

Many users highlight the significance of utilizing the TV’s eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel) feature to simplify the setup process. By connecting devices to the TV and letting it handle the audio routing to the soundbar, the need for external splitters or switches diminishes, showcasing a more streamlined and user-friendly approach.

Deciphering the HDMI jargon and navigating through the world of audiovisual connectivity can be daunting, but with the wisdom shared by the Reddit community, Crisiere is now equipped to make an informed decision that will amplify the sound experience across all devices. Remember, when in doubt, switch it out!