Help! Loose Piece Inside Brand New Schiit Modi – What to Do?

Audiophiles love their pristine sound setups, but what happens when a brand new Schiit Modi arrives with a mysterious loose piece inside?


  • Small plastic piece inside the Schiit Modi causing concern
  • One user identifies it as the reflector for the LED, suggesting lack of glue
  • Another user jokes about it being an ‘extra Schiit’ part, downplaying the issue

User Speculations

Despite the concern, some users suggest that the loose plastic piece, identified as the LED reflector, might not significantly impact the device’s performance. It could be a minor manufacturing flaw rather than a critical deficiency.

Community Support

Users like FalcorAirlines reassure the original poster, encouraging them not to worry. Seeing it as an ‘extra Schiit’ part adds a touch of humor to the situation, lightening the mood and easing concerns.

Decision-Making Dilemma

Should the user return the item due to the loose plastic piece or simply brush it off as a quirky addition? The mixed opinions in the comments section reflect the dilemma faced by many in such situations, torn between seeking perfection and accepting minor flaws.