High Quality Soundbars at Low Volume: Waste of Money?

When upgrading to a high-quality soundbar for low-volume listening, is it a smart move or a waste of money? The Reddit community shares their experiences and advice.


  • Investing in a high-end soundbar for low volumes may not provide the optimal audio experience.
  • All-in-one soundbars are recommended for low-volume listening, with the option to add rear speakers later for surround sound.
  • Some users find that high-quality soundbars sound underwhelming at lower volumes compared to TV speakers.

In-depth Experiences

When it comes to enjoying surround sound at low volumes, some users suggest considering alternatives to high-end soundbars. One user, crist…

Consider All-in-One Options

If low-volume listening is your priority, an all-in-one soundbar might be a more suitable choice. Darshil_A4 recommends opting for a soundbar without a dedicated subwoofer, allowing for a quieter audio experience with the option to add subwoofers later for enhanced bass

Quality vs. Volume

While high-end soundbars like the Q930c excel at higher volumes, placerouge warns that they may not deliver the same quality at lower volumes. According to dwolfe127, some soundbars can even sound worse than TV speakers when played at lower volumes

High-quality soundbars are designed to shine at louder volumes, enhancing the audio experience for users who crank up the volume. However, for those who prefer to listen at lower volumes, investing in an expensive soundbar may not always be the best choice. Consider your listening habits and volume preferences when selecting a soundbar that suits your needs and budget