High-Res Audio: Scam or Sound Investment?

Monty from Xiph challenges high-res audio, sparking debate among audiophiles. Does high-end DACs really make a difference?


  • High-res audio may not be necessary for playback.
  • Audibility of high-end DACs’ claims is questionable.
  • Most people can’t discern the difference between CD and hi-res audio.

Expert vs. Audiophiles

Montgomery, known for Vorbis and OGG, discredits high-res audio. Audiophiles question the practicality of high-end DACs for general music consumption.

Limits of Human Hearing

Human hearing limitations and the dynamic range of CD quality are discussed. The debate centers on whether hi-res audio offers discernible benefits.

Audiophile Identity

An audiophile’s ability to perceive quality audio reproduction is compared to expertise in other fields like physics and coding.