High-Resolution Audio: Is It Worth the Hype or Just BS?

High-resolution audio has sparked a heated debate among audiophiles and tech enthusiasts. While some argue it’s a must-have for unparalleled sound quality, others believe it’s just a gimmick.


  • Mastering is critical in audio quality perception.
  • High-res audio is often a luxury rather than a necessity.
  • CD-quality audio is sufficient for many listeners.

Insightful Comments

CD quality is enough for me, no need to hunt for higher resolution. Many agree that high-res audio is a luxury. Only a small group may benefit from it.

Debunking Myths

People often can’t hear tones above 20 kHz. High-res audio may not be practical for most devices due to complexity in decoding band-limited signals.

The Placebo Effect

Studies show humans struggle to differentiate technically superior audio sources in blind tests. The placebo effect plays a significant role in perceived audio quality enhancements.