HomePod VS Soundbar – Which is Better?

Being one of the most popular Technology brands in the market, Apple has also launched its sound speakers, HomePod. However, the launch of the HomePod sound speakers happened a bit late because there are already several external audio systems available in the market; the HomePod has outstanding features that can enhance the sound quality of your television.

Every technology has its flaws and drawbacks. Like any other audio system, HomePod also has few disadvantages. However, it is still one of the dominating audio systems in the market that offers outstanding audio quality and can work as a fantastic stereo music playback.

Compared to other audio systems, undoubtedly, the HomePod is expensive, but if you believe in luxury and the brand, price should not be a deciding factor. With so many audio systems in the market, it is obvious to feel confused between two audio speakers.

In this article, we have compared a HomePod with a soundbar which is another most popular and efficient audio system that can effectively enhance the sound quality of your device.

Comparison Guide Between HomePod and Soundbars

Design and Structure

The first factor on which we will be comparing HomePod and soundbars is their design and structure.


Since Apple launched the HomePod pretty late, it had a fair idea of how its sound speakers can look different from the existing audio system.

HomePod has a classic design and is compact but heavier as compared to other sound systems. The HomePod has a cylindrical shape, and the grey color of some speakers appears to be extremely classy.

The designers have used seamless fabric that allows this device to fit in with the aesthetics of surrounding items. The top of the HomePod has a black surface on which a vibrant color appears when the device is in use.

You can find the buttons for play, pause, and summoning Siri on the black surface itself. The design of the HomePod is quite different from the traditional audio systems as the woofers are provided at the top of the device instead of on the bottom.

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On the other hand, Soundbars are also compact, and the design of this audio system is sleek and stylish, allowing the users to place them carefully beneath the top of the television.

The slim rectangular shape of soundbars gives an advantage of placing them even in a limited space. You can even wall-mount SoundBars around the device. They are narrow in shape, making them even more stylish, and they complement the audio system setup a lot.

Soundbars appear to be a single speaker, but they have several built-in small speakers that allow users to have a single audio system speaker that has the power of providing a good amount of sound. The overall structure and the composition of soundbars are pretty impressive. In addition, they are incredibly light and portable.

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Final Verdict

We believe in comparing design and structure; both HomePod and soundbars have unique elements that make both of them impressive and stylish. However, the weight of the HomePod can be a slight drawback when compared with soundbars. Furthermore, HomePod takes up less space as compared to soundbars.

Sound Quality

The primary motive of buying an audio sound system is to have good sound quality, so comparing these two devices on this parameter is extremely important.


Soundbars are known for providing a good amount of sound quality. Generally, this audio system gives out a realistic sound experience because the sound direction is similar to the direction of the device with which the Soundbar is connected.

Most people like to hear the sound from the direction of the device; therefore, a soundbar is one of the most authentic audio systems that can help you in enhancing the overall sound of your television or computer.

As we shared before, there are multiple speakers in the single unit of a sound, and those various speakers come with various modes, and one of the modes is the 3D sound mode.

Even though this sound mode was compared with other audio systems like home theatre, it wasn’t as powerful as them, but when you experience this mode in a small room, you get a similar experience to that of a movie theatre.

One of the major drawbacks that the SoundbarSoundbar has compared to the HomePod is the level and the quality of bass and pitch, which is a bit low.


Now coming to the sound quality of my HomePod. When the sound quality of the HomePod is compared to the SoundbarSoundbar, the overall sound produced and all the other effects are better than the Soundbar.

HomePods can produce each sound, whether in high pitch or low pitch, incredibly clear and accurate. In addition, the sound produced by the stereo HomePod is extremely loud, and the oomph you get in this audio system makes it one of the best audio systems.

The level of clarity of sound that you get in a HomePod will not be found in soundbars because the balance of the speakers is not accurate in soundbars, and when high pitch music or movie is played, the audio appears to be a little tinny.

Even at the loud volume, the bass doesn’t take over the essence of the sound, and the clarity remains intact all the time. And even if the volume is pretty low, the bass weight takes over the control and makes sure that the quality remains up to the mark.

Like a soundbar, HomePod also has a few drawbacks like if you play a song directly on your speaker, the quality would be much better than when you listen to a similar song in a movie on your Apple TV or MacBook. It is a small bag that is there on the HomePod.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, in comparing sound quality, the HomePod takes charge, and you can get a clearer and immersive sound experience on this audio system. On the other hand, soundbars give a louder sound experience, but they are still behind when compared to HomePod stereo.

Despite soundbars having a 3D sound mode, HomePod delivers better surround sound quality. Indeed, the HomePod has few drawbacks of its own, but the overall experience of sound you get is something that you will not be able to get with soundbars.

Price and Connectivity

The next factor of comparison is the price and the connectivity. In most straightforward words, Homepods are expensive when compared with Soundbars or any other audio system. For example, the average cost of a stereo Homepod is around $500. However, you can find a decent soundbar at $180.

Indeed you can see Homepod more than twice the price of the Soundbar, and even at the low price, Soundbar can give users a decent sound experience. So, is it worth it to spend so much money on an audio system?

To answer that question, we will have to analyze the connectivity factor as well. You must be well aware that soundbars can be connected to every television computer, laptop, or another device; however, that is impossible with Homepods.

The connectivity is one of the significant drawbacks of this audio system, and unfortunately, you cannot connect homeport to any device that is not running on iOS.

You can only connect Homepod stereo with Apple TV, MacBook, or iPhone. So in a way, if you do not have any of these three devices choosing a Homepod will be a big mistake.

Even though users who have an Apple television or MacBook often go for Soundbars or other audio systems to connect their external audio system with all of their devices, that you cannot do with a Homepod.

Final Say

The options of connectivity and price play an important role. In comparing cost and connectivity, we will have to give a thumbs up to the Soundbar because of its versatility and affordability.

If you do have a lot of devices that run with iOS and you are willing to spend a considerable amount of money on an audio system, then you can undoubtedly invest in Homepods.

But, if you want to have a good sound experience at an affordable price, Soundbars will be the wisest choice over an expensive Homepod stereo.

Summing Up

This comparison guide comes to an end, and we hope that now you know everything, you must learn to choose between Homepod and soundbar.

If you are an existing user of iOS, having a Homepod can be a good decision because you are well aware of all the configurations of iOS; however, it is not the best choice for Android users.

Both the devices have their pros and cons, and the ultimate decision goes on to the amount of money you are willing to spend and what type of user you are.

Certainly, Homepods have the upper hand when it comes to sound quality, but that does not mean Soundbars are worthless or will provide you a poor sound quality.

On the contrary, Soundbars work the best if you have a small room, and if you want to enhance the sound of a television or any other device at the minimum price, they will do the magical work for you.