How Ants Made Holes in My Edifier R1280DB Tweeter – Sound Quality Affected?

When unexpected guests invade your speakers, it’s not a party. In this unusual tale, ants found their way into a Redifier R1280DB tweeter, leaving the owner baffled and concerned.


  • Ants invaded a tweeter, questioning sound quality.
  • Users joke about the situation but offer solutions.
  • Owner seeks advice on fixing the tweeter.

Ants Making Music?

One user hilariously suggested that the ants wanted to ‘feel the music,’ emphasizing the oddity and humor in the situation. While it’s a nuisance, the incident sparked comedic relief among commenters.

A Tweeter for Ants?

Another user brought a touch of comedy, hilariously referencing the famous line ‘What is this? A center for ants?’ This light-hearted approach added a humorous spin to the unfortunate situation.

Kill the Ants, Find the Nest

A user raised a valid point about locating and exterminating the ant nest, ensuring the unwanted guests don’t return to cause more mischief. Practical advice mixed with a touch of humor resonated with readers.

Ants finding their way into a tweeter may seem like a bizarre occurrence, but it’s a reminder that even audiophiles aren’t immune to unexpected mishaps. The community’s mix of humor, advice, and camaraderie showcases the lighthearted spirit within the audiophile world. It’s a reminder that even in the face of technical difficulties, a good laugh and some solid advice can go a long way.