How to Connect Polk Soundbar to TV – [Step-by-Step]

Soundbars deliver premium sound quality, especially Polk soundbars, more than stereo speakers and built-in speakers. Having soundbars beside your TV gives confidence you will receive every rhythm on the beat. Yet, the ride of connecting the Polk soundbar to the TV is not that simple. Let us check out how to connect the Polk soundbar to TV?

Not one, but you got six easy step-by-step ways to connect Polk soundbar to TV. So before the upcoming movie night, check out how to connect the Polk soundbar to TV and enhance the sound experience.

How to Connect Polk Soundbar to TV – Methods

Without wasting our time lets start our different connectivity methods.

Connecting Polk soundbar to TV via HDMI

The most common and the easiest way you will find in every guide is using HDMI cables. It won’t be wrong if we say HDMI cables come as a default in the box. 

The reason HDMI is the best way to connect Polk soundbar with TV is; it relocates enormous uncompressed digital audio data.

For this approach, the first thing you need to check is whether or not the TV and Polk soundbar has an HDMI port. If yes, then let us proceed to the step-by-step process.

  • Turn off your Polk soundbar and TV to avoid signal transference.
  • Locate the HDMI port in your soundbar and join one end to it.
  • Now find the same HDMI port at the back of the TV and connect the other end here.
  • Turn your TV ON and navigate to the Settings.
  • From there, enable the CEC option.
  • Make sure the version is higher than 5.1. Otherwise, it won’t work.

Connecting Polk soundbar to TV via Digital Optical or Coaxial

The moment you find out your TV or the Polk soundbar lack an HDMI port, you must face disappointment. Well, don’t get too upset; we have so many options for you.

For those who don’t know, digital coaxial is the same as the RCA connector. Instead of the analog signals, the digital coaxial transfers digital data without dropping the dropping.

  • Take the device, and connect the input cables (one will link with the TV while the other with the soundbar). 
  • Now connect one digital coaxial cable with the TV and the other with the Polk soundbar.
  • Don’t confuse digital optical or digital coaxial; both work almost the same and efficiently.
  • Make sure you are connecting the right cables to the correct port. If not, the signals won’t transmit.

Like the HDMI cables, the digital optical won’t work with sound channels lower than 5.1.

Connecting Polk soundbar to TV via AUX or ARC cables

The third approach to connect Polk soundbar with TV is using analog cords. The analog cables you can use include ARC or AUX. The major drawback about these cables is the low sound quality.

You are advised to use this approach if your soundbar has sound channels less than 3. For this procedure, what you need to do is;

  • Turn off both devices and assemble the cables.
  • Take the AUX or ARC cables and connect one end to the TV, while the other one with the soundbar.
  • Power ON the TV and Polk soundbar and stream your music.
  • Of course, you will encounter poor sound quality as the signals are analog, not digital. 

Connecting Polk soundbar to TV via pairing with subwoofer

Most Polk soundbars feature a wireless subwoofer to deliver high-quality sound output. The subwoofer is programmed to connect with the soundbar automatically and receive wireless signals on its own.

First, make sure the power cable of the soundbar is connected to a socket. Now link the Polk soundbar with the TV using HDMI or AUX cables. We will advise you to use HDMI cables for better sound output.

If you encounter trouble in pairing the subwoofer with the soundbar, follow the steps below;

  • Turn OFF the subwoofer, and turn it back.
  • Press and hold the Syncs button till the LED light starts to blink.
  • The blinking light indicates that your subwoofer is now ready to pair with the soundbar.
  • Turn the subwoofer ON and let it connect with the soundbar automatically.

Connecting via Bluetooth pairing

If you want to get things done instantly and avoid wires mess, we recommend you to use Bluetooth wireless pairing. Before you ask how to connect the Polk soundbar to the TV using Bluetooth pairing, let us tell you one thing.

For this method, one thing is crucial; Bluetooth connection in the same condition. Follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Power on your TV, navigate to the connectivity option and turn ON the Bluetooth.
  • Meanwhile, power the Polk soundbar and switch ON the Bluetooth connectivity mode.
  • Pair both devices and stream music to check the results. 
  • Keep both devices close together to avoid poor signals. 

Connecting Polk soundbar to TV via Wi-Fi connection

Here comes the last yet indeed one of our favorite ways to connect the Polk soundbar with TV. However, this approach is helpful only for the latest models that feature casting over Wi-Fi.

  • Connect your devices (Polk soundbar and the TV) with the same Wi-Fi connection. 
  • Power ON your soundbar and wait for the LED light to show. 
  • Once it starts flashing, it indicates the soundbar is ready to connect.
  • Once the light slow-downs press the Wi-Fi button.
  • Connect your TV with the same Wi-Fi and stream music.
  • Also, download the Polk Omni app on your phone to instruct the Wi-Fi connection.

Final Take!

Sometimes all it takes is an easy step-by-step process. We hope now you know how to connect the Polk soundbar to TV; with this guide. Make sure to follow the method as mentioned to relish out-class results.

We recommend you first go with an HDMI connection before trying out others. Even better, if you use the Bluetooth connection- it saves time and is free from wire mess.

Lastly, share your feedback in the comment section about your sound experience after connecting the Polk soundbar with the TV.