How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to Wifi

There are various ways of connecting your Samsung Soundbar to other devices. You can connect using HDMI or Optical cables, but if working with lines is not your preference, a wi-fi connection is the best option for you. It can be done in no time and is wireless. You need not worry about wires and ports if you use a wi-fi connection. 

The main advantage of using a wi-fi connection is a more comprehensive range. Wi-fi connections allow an even wider range than Bluetooth. Another great benefit is that you can easily connect multiple devices to your Soundbar with a wi-fi connection. If you wonder how to connect Samsung Soundbar to wi-fi, this article will surely help you out. We will see step by step how this can be made possible. 

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How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to Wifi

Before we start looking into the actual steps you need to take for a wi-fi connection, you need to ensure a few things. 

Ensure of the Following Before Connecting

Make sure your Soundbar and the other device are connected to the same router or wi-fi. If they are connected to two different router frequencies, the connection will not be possible. 

It would help if you also made sure that the wi-fi was working correctly. Consider testing the wi-fi on other devices before connecting It to your Soundbar. 

Also, check if the other device, for example, connecting the Soundbar with a tv, has a wireless wi-fi connectivity feature. Old Tv models, especially before 2013, do not have this feature. Hence you can not connect your Soundbar to them via wi-fi. 

Steps to Connect your Samsung Soundbar to Wi-Fi

You can follow the given instructions. 

Step 1: Click on the source button on the Soundbar

The source button is on the back of the Soundbar. If you are unsure which button this is, please refer to the user manual. Or you can also select the Source button on ton the remote and select the wi-fi mode. 

Step 2: Connect your mobile to WiFi

Use the same wi-fi on your mobile as your Soundbar. If the wi-fi is not the same, your soundbar can not be operated from your phone. 

Step 3: Download the Samsung SmartThings app

Look for this app on the Google play store or Apple App store, and then download it on your mobile. SmartThings app is available for Samsung soundbars from and after 2017. If you have older models, please use the Multiroom App. It works very similarly to the SmartThings app. 

Step 4: On the Samsung SmartThings app, tap the Add icon 

When you open the app, you will see a (+) icon on the right side of the homepage. Click on this icon. 

Step 5: Click on Device

The screen will show a list of options that you can add to your location. Device is the first option in the list. 

Step 6: Tap on TV & Select Your Soundbar Brand

You will see the AV option on the right side of your screen. Tap on it. Then you will need to select the brand on your Soundbar between Samsung and Samsung Harman Kardon. Once selected, click on ‘soundbar’.

Step 7: Select the Room Location

After the previous step, click on ‘Start’. You will then be shown different locations in your house. Select the room where you place your Soundbar. Your mobile device will then start searching for the Soundbar. 

When it has been found to the Soundbar, it will connect it to the same wi-fi you used on your phone. You can first try with the 5 Hz wi-fi connection. If it does not work smoothly, try to use the 2.3 Hz bandwidth.

Once you have connected your Samsung soundbar to wi-fi, attach the other device, for example, a tv, to the same wi-fi connection. And then check if the Soundbar is using the tv as the audio output. 

To Sum It Up

Wi-fi connections are hassle-free and easy. They also have many advantages over other wireless connections like Bluetooth. This article explains how to Connect Samsung Soundbar to wi-fi.

It would be best to ensure that all the devices are connected to the same router frequency for a successful connection. If these steps do not work for you, or you find any issue with the wi-fi connection of your Soundbar, reach out to customer care for professional guidance.