How To Connect Yamaha Soundbar to TV

With a variety of tech products coming up all over the market, customers are thoroughly enjoying soundbars because they make the audio experience of their music and movie nights even better. One such brand of soundbars in the game is Yamaha. With the Yamaha Soundbar, you can play your desired music from your smartphone.  

High-quality wireless performance accentuates the high-end compressed music sources and emphasizes the mid-to-low ranges, giving you fantastic sound quality. It has an excellent HDMI interface that delivers the best of both audio and video, not only supporting high-resolution 4K / 60p video signals but also letting you enjoy the best quality without degradation.

Are you struggling to connect your Yamaha soundbar to the TV? Don’t worry! The information stated below has got you covered!

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How To Connect Yamaha Soundbar To TV?

Bluetooth is the easiest way to connect the Yamaha soundbar to the TV. However, not all televisions come with Bluetooth connectivity. Hence, it can be perplexing to play around with all the wires. Every TV has its configurations. Despite crystal clear instructions mentioned in the manual, there can still be a few things that may leave you in a dilemma.

However, connecting through the HDMI cable and Optical cable are also a few options we can look at. Analog input by using a 3.5 mm Jack cable is also available on some Yamaha soundbars. Still, it is not a recommended method for connection since you may experience less quality of sound. 

Connect Yamaha Soundbar To Your TV Using Bluetooth

Let’s move ahead and look at a few steps to connect the Yamaha soundbar to the TV via a Bluetooth Connection:

  1. Switch on the TV’s Bluetooth by going to the Tv’s settings 
  2. Setup the soundbar by plugging the cable into an AC power adapter. The soundbar will flash a light to show that it is open. If it does not indicate, then you can also press the power button to turn it on.
  3. Just as you turn the soundbar on, you will see its name pop-up in the pairing devices list. Select the soundbar’s name on the TV’s Bluetooth list. It will only take a fraction of seconds for the device to pair.
  4. Once the pairing process is complete, you can watch any movie, drama or listen to your favourite songs with an immersive sound experience.

You can also try buying a Bluetooth adapter or try out different pairing options if you do not have a Bluetooth TV.

Optical Cable Can Be Used To Connect Yamaha Soundbar To TV

Moving onto the next method for connecting your Yamaha Soundbar to the TV, the optical cable is one of the popular ways of connecting it. It is easy to achieve, and it provides a more precise sound experience.

  1. It is recommended to turn off both devices if you want to establish a connection using an optical cable.
  2. Take one end of the optical cable and put it into the Tvs output source while inserting the second end to the input source of your Yamaha soundbar.
  3. Select output as the optical cable on the soundbar. 
  4. Thus, you are all set; you can do a sound test and start your exclusive sound experience.

Connect Yamaha Soundbar To TV via HDMI ARC

Technology-ridden people have a hard time with so many wires since each TV has different settings and different HDMI connections. Let’s see how you can connect the Yamaha soundbar to TV using HDMI ARC:

  1. Locate HDMI ARC at the backside of your TV to locate the HDMI ARC
  2. Enable HDMI by Connecting the wire to the soundbar and then go to your TV settings. Go to the HDMI option and enable the connection.
  3. Configure the soundbar in an output mode using the remote control. Once the wired connection is established successfully, you can listen to songs and watch movies without interruptions.


With the various methods mentioned above, you can effortlessly and hassle-free connect your Yamaha Soundbar to the TV in no time. Use unique features like Alexa and DTS Virtual X virtual 3D surround sound. This soundbar’s versatile connectivity and elegant features are a great catch and make it a worthy product. Once the setup is complete, get ready for an exceptional sound experience.