How To Mount a Soundbar To Wall – No Wires

It turns out to be a headache when mounting a soundbar to a wall while the wires should be hidden. Traditionally the mount you get for holding your soundbar would not cover the wires. For sure, if you just put as usually people do, you will see wiring between a soundbar and a TV, handing down a weird look! That is for real. No one ever wants to have such a look on walls.

Therefore I am coming with a perfect guide for you. As a passionate DIY, I’ve done this a thousand times. I must add up here that there are many ways to mount a soundbar to a wall. The traditional one is.

To install a soundbar to a wall, first attached bracket-wall mounts with the help of holder-screws on a wall. Once you installed the mount, then pick up the soundbar and drag it onto the wall where the screws are. Push the soundbar towards the wall in order to make it firmly locked.

Well, in case you’re wondering about where it should be placed, then throughout my experience, below the TV is the overall best position for mounting a soundbar.

There are a few good reasons for this like it can sound better and Sync well with videos. Otherwise, you can feel how terrible it will make your experience when the audio is coming from somewhere else while watching a movie. Secondly, the remote will work perfectly as if you placed it on top of a TV. You’ll have to raise your hands every time to change the sound settings. Thus, it is better to place it below the TV.

And, yes, I remembered about hiding the wires. It’s the most important thing that everyone looks for first, as showing wires on a wall can ruin the overall experience. Besides, they just don’t look cool. However, you can hide those wires by placing them back at the TV.

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How to Mount a Soundbar To Wall

There are several ideas for mounting a soundbar to a wall. And I’m first going to share the easiest one. The hiding wires part will be next to this.

Things we’ll need

  • A blue tape
  • A black sharpie marker
  • Screws.


Put some tape on the back of the soundbar. Mark it where the holes are on the soundbar and put the holes on the blue tape.

Put some tape on the back of the soundbar

We’ll take that blue tape and position it onto the wall. We want to make sure that the tape is level.


Now level the tap; for this, you’ll need a level-scale. Don’t take it lightly as it is an essential step if you want a great experience.

Now level the tap


Now let’s install the 30-pound moly. Check your manufacturer to make sure you install the soundbar with the right equipment. When that the Molly’s are in, let’s put in the screws now. And Hang the soundbar by placing the left and right screws onto the screws on the wall.

Now let's install the 30-pound moly

Hiding Wires of a Soundbar After Mounting it on a Wall

Some sorts of brackets are available, like a moveable bracket that easily hides wires, as it doesn’t hang on a wall.

Out of this, it hangs at the backside of a TV, and it comes up in the V shape. But, the problem is not every TV backside is supportable for that equipment.

Therefore, you have to hide wires when mounting a soundbar by moving them inside a wall. If your walls are made up of concrete, then this method would not work for you. I’m telling you this in advance.

Things that we will need. ● Drill to make a Hole in the wall.


To hide wires, you need to identify where the circuit is on your wall. I’m talking about the primary circuit where you have connected the TV wires. Most likely it’ll be near to a TV.

Now you can drill two holes, one behind the soundbar so you can enter the wires, and the second should be behind the TV. So you can connect RCA audio wire to the TV, and the electric wire can be plugged in where the TV wires are.

to hide wires

The RCA analog audio and I used a bit to drill this hole in the same cavity as my other wiring. And I used a bit called a Unibet that’s what it looks like right there drills a nice clean hole.


You will have to pull wires into the holes and take them back to the other end of the hole. Use the electrical tape, and I protected this other end with the electrical tape and then the RCA, which is the more rugged cable.

Also secured it lower so that we pull one cable at a time and then take the tape to fold it back on itself. It’s easy to remove in that way.

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