How to Protect Your Edifier Speakers from Little Ones

Looking to safeguard your Edifier speakers from little hands? Let’s dive into some creative solutions and community suggestions.


  • Consider elevating your speakers to toddler-proof them.
  • Grills might not always deter curious kids.
  • Explore non-permanent solutions for speaker protection.
  • Embrace the inevitability of wear and tear from children.
  • Responsible Solutions

    Amidst a dilemma of protecting precious speakers, a Redditor suggests elevating the speakers beyond a toddler’s reach to prevent unwanted alterations or damages caused by exploratory hands.

    Grills Might Not Be Foolproof

    One commenter shared a cautionary tale of how their child managed to remove grills and cause damage to their speakers, indicating that traditional protective measures might not always be effective.

    Embrace the Chaos

    Another user humorously advises against permanent solutions, highlighting the transient nature of kids’ curiosity and suggesting that damage is inevitable as kids grow up.

    Expect Wear and Tear

    An experienced parent encourages accepting the reality of potential damage, suggesting that preparing for replacements or educating children on boundaries might be key to preserving your setup.