How to Solve Soundbar Connection Woes: Expert Tips from Redditors

Arkansas_BusDriver lives in a 5th Wheel camper with a noisy AC drowning out the TV. Their dilemma? Connecting a new soundbar to the TV with only RCA audio out. Cue the Reddit advice!


  • Redditor seeks connection solutions for their new soundbar in a noisy camper
  • Options considered include RCA to HDMI converter or HDMI splitter
  • Community offers advice on TV and soundbar settings for optimal connection

Soundbar Compatibility

mixxxitdj advises checking the TV and soundbar compatibility, suggesting enabling CEC settings, ensuring HDMI ARC capability, and turning off TV speakers for a seamless connection.

Connection Alternatives

Arkansas_BusDriver contemplates using an RCA to HDMI converter or an HDMI splitter for soundbar connection options, seeking advice on the most effective solution for their setup.

Expert Advice

mixxxitdj recommends exploring if the soundbar is limited to HDMI input, guiding Arkansas_BusDriver on potential compatibility issues and suggesting alternative connection methods for enhanced audio experience.