How to Turn on Bose Soundbar without Remote

If you have a Bose SoundBar, you will face many complications if you have lost its remote. Unfortunately, the Bose SoundBar does not have a power-on button on it; therefore, the only way of switching on or having access to the other sound features will require a remote. 

Not this must have sounded not very pleasant to you when you came here to know the solution. To lift your disappointment, we will share a few alternatives that you can try to turn on the Bose SoundBar without its original remote. 

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How to Turn On Bose SoundBar Without Remote 

Unfortunately, the three alternatives that we will mention below require you to have a remote control because there is no other way to turn on the Bose SoundBar. 

But to your rescue, in these three alternatives, you do not require the original Bose SoundBar remote control. So without wasting my time, let’s look at those alternatives and tell you how to turn on the Bose SoundBar without the original remote control. 

Method 1: Buy a New Bose Remote

The first alternative that we will share is widespread, and you might have tried it, but we will tell you everything possible in this case. The first alternative you can try is looking for a replacement for the broken Bose remote control, or you can ask for a new one from the brand. 

You can order a replacement or a new remote control for your Bose SoundBar if you have lost or broken the original one from the Bose official site. If the Bose site is not helping you, you can contact the support service of the brand, and they will indeed help you by giving the replacement of the remote control. 

Method 2: Universal Remote

The second alternative that you can try to turn on the Bose SoundBar without its remote is by investing in the universal remote control. 

You must have heard about this device, and we must tell you that universal remote control is a device compatible with almost every device available in the market. The functioning of the universal remote control is done so that you can conveniently use it with televisions, SoundBar speakers, home theatres, and much more. 

So in case, you have lost the original remote of the Bose SoundBar, you can buy a universal remote control that is readily available in the market and on various online websites. With the help of the universal remote, you can conveniently turn on and off your Bose SoundBar without its original remote control. 

Method 3: Program Your Remote 

The last alternative which has become extremely popular nowadays is programming third-party remote control for the particular device.

 In this alternative, you will have to take a third-party remote control that can be of a television or home theatre and then program it in such a way that it can turn on and off your Bose SoundBar. 

This alternative might sound incredibly dreamy to you, but you can program a report as per the functions and features of any other device. 

How to Program a Remote Control For a Bose SoundBar?

The programming of remote control can be highly complicated. Still, if you want to try this alternative, there are tons of videos available on YouTube that you can follow and program any other remote control for your Bose SoundBar. 

Programming a remote control for Bose SoundBar would be the last thing we would advise you to try because programming can take time and be highly confusing. 

So, the most accessible alternatives are the remote control placement and the universal remote control if you want to turn on your Bose SoundBar. 

Wrapping it Up 

So this article discussed the three possible ways to turn on the Bose SoundBar without the original remote control. The alternatives that we have discussed are also applicable with Bose speakers because, just like some bar Bose speakers, they also do not have the power on the button. 

The best alternative that you can try is the universal remote control because nowadays, all of us have the universal remote in our houses. After all, it has become prevalent and one of the essential items in today’s time.