HP CEO: The Downfall of Printer Pages – A Pandemic or a Pricing Predicament?

HP CEO reports a 20% drop in printed pages since the pandemic, evoking mixed reactions among users. The announcement has ignited a discussion on the reasons behind the decline and customers’ sentiments toward HP printers.


  • Customers perceive HP to be raising ink prices while making printing inconvenient.
  • Users express preference for other brands like Brother and Epson over HP.
  • Negative sentiments towards HP’s business practices and customer relations are prominent.

On HP’s Ink Prices

Many users believe that HP’s strategy of increasing ink prices and printer-related costs has led to a decrease in printed pages. This perceived prioritization of profit over user experience has sparked discontent among customers.

Preference for Other Brands

Comments endorsing alternative brands such as Brother and Epson suggest that users have switched from HP due to dissatisfaction with its products and services. The reliability and affordability of competitors have swayed customers away from HP.

Negative Sentiments Towards HP

Several users express frustration with HP’s business practices, citing a lack of consideration for customer needs and a focus on maximizing revenue. Criticisms regarding subscription requirements and printer functionality contribute to a tarnished reputation for HP.

The varied reactions from users reflect a significant shift in sentiment towards HP and its printing division. While some customers remain loyal, many have chosen to explore alternatives due to perceived pricing strategies and service dissatisfaction.