HSBC Estimates Byju’s Worth Nothing: A Shock in the EdTech World

HSBC’s estimation of Byju’s worth sends shockwaves through the EdTech realm, raising questions and opinions. Take a closer look at what the community has to say.


  • Byju’s valuation plummet stuns investors and users alike
  • Concerns over shady business practices and mismanagement surface
  • User confusion evident, with some mistaking ‘Byju’ for ‘eldritch’

Community Reaction

One user criticized Byju’s for coercing parents into debt-ridden educational purchases, highlighting a lawsuit against critics for $2.6M

Value Assessment

Questions arise on the competence of appraisers, with a touch of sarcasm poking at the notorious inaccuracy

Lost in Translation

A hilarious mix-up occurs as a user misreads ‘Byju’s’ as ‘eldritch giant,’ sparking confusion and amusement