In Love with Lintons: A Journey into High-End Audio

waterloowanderer shares an update on their recent audio gear acquisitions. The Lintons, C3050 amp, and Muzishare X7 are the stars of the show, creating a heavenly setup.


  • The Muzishare X7 amp enhances music with its tube sound, making it a delightful addition.
  • The Lintons steal the spotlight with their relaxed yet lively sound profile, perfect for extended listening sessions.
  • The retro C3050 amp adds convenience and detail to the setup, blending beautifully with the other components.

You’re Set Up is Nice, Man!

No_Inspector_6917 praises the setup and expresses interest in the Lintons. They mention the positive impact of adding a Node to the system for rich, detailed sound.

A Pair of Lintons Never Gets Old

spong3 shares their love for Lintons, highlighting their enduring appeal even after months of use.

Great Looking Setup

SnooPies9793 commends the setup’s aesthetics and performance, particularly enjoying the Lintons’ performance at louder volumes. They discuss future turntable upgrade plans, showcasing ongoing enthusiasm for high-end audio gear.