Insignia Soundbar Bluetooth Not Working – Solutions

Are you worried because you aspire to a sound that will fulfill your desires but your Insignia Soundbar just won’t connect to the Bluetooth? If that’s what got you troubled, you needn’t stress any longer. We are here to help you fix this problem.

We understand how frustrating it can get to not be able to enjoy your favorite movies or dance to the music of your choice just because the sound system fails to match the vibe! All it takes is for you to know how to solve the issue and get your soundbar Bluetooth to work again.

To get the right information, read this article up to the conclusion and have all your problems solved right away!

Ways To Pair Your Insignia Bluetooth Soundbar

To begin with, you need to connect your Insignia Bluetooth Soundbar correctly. For this, make sure the device you are connecting your soundbar to, is placed within the proximity of about 30 ft.

Next, you need to press hold the button on your soundbar or the remote controller of your soundbar, to select Bluetooth mode. Once your Bluetooth is turned on, go to the settings of your Bluetooth device and search for the name of your Insignia Soundbar. Tap on ‘pair’ and that’s how your Insignia Soundbar will easily connect to your device.

Why does My Insignia Bluetooth face Trouble in Connecting?

One of the most common reasons for your Insignia Bluetooth to face trouble with connectivity is because it is being paired to a different device. For this, you need to remove all device pairings first and then try pairing again. In addition, you must minimize the distance between the two devices for ease in making Bluetooth connections.

What To Do When Insignia Soundbar Bluetooth Not Working? 

The possible reasons for your Insignia Soundbar Bluetooth, not working can be;

  • A defective Bluetooth device
  • Long distances between devices
  • Another Bluetooth device paired up

To resolve the issue, you need to make sure you are correctly doing the steps mentioned below.

Check Bluetooth Connection Properly:

There is a high possibility your Insignia Soundbar lost its Bluetooth connection to your desired device. If that is the case, turn off the Bluetooth and turn it back on, this time making sure you connect it to the right device.

Minimize Distance Between Devices:

If your soundbar is far away from your Bluetooth device, it might face big trouble with connectivity. When devices are away, Bluetooth cannot pair or grasp the range of the other device. Hence, to pair up correctly, you need to move your soundbar closer.

Rest Insignia Soundbar Bluetooth

You should check to see if there’s a problem between your soundbar and the Bluetooth. Check to see if all the wiring is properly done. If the Bluetooth still does not work, reset your Soundbar and then turn on its Bluetooth to connect again.

Final Words

Following the above-mentioned steps shall solve your Insignia Bluetooth connectivity issue. However, if it still does not connect, there is trouble on the part of your Bluetooth device. Thus, you need to get another device and connect it to your soundbar.