Is 4K Pass Through a Soundbar Game Changer?

Calvins48 is on the quest for the ultimate gaming soundbar. But does 4K pass-through really make a difference? Let’s dive into the debate!


  • 4K pass-through enhances audio and video quality for an immersive experience.
  • It’s essential for top-tier visual content consumption like movies and gaming.
  • Some users feel it’s overrated and opt for soundbars without it for specific preferences.

Importance of 4K Pass-Through

Streamkid18 explains that 4K pass-through elevates your audio and video enjoyment across all content types, particularly enhancing movie, TV show, and music experiences. It’s a significant feature for immersive entertainment enthusiasts.

Debate on Necessity

In contrast, PewSaysTheJew believes 4K pass-through is just a fancy HDMI port catering to latest audio-video standards. He chose a soundbar without it, deeming the feature unnecessary for his use, sparking a debate on its practicality.

Personal Preference

Exploring beyond tech specs, each user’s preference and usage determine 4K pass-through’s significance. It’s about tailoring your soundbar to meet your gaming and entertainment needs, whether for a cutting-edge experience or streamlined setup.