Is Google Chrome’s Hidden Extension a Privacy Nightmare?

Google Chrome ships a default, hidden extension that allows code on * access to private APIs, including your current CPU usage.


  • Google Chrome’s hidden extension raises concerns about privacy and data security.
  • Users question whether this affects all Chromium-based browsers.
  • Some believe the CPU data access is for browser optimization.

Users’ Concerns

Many users express distrust towards Google Chrome due to the hidden extension, citing it as a reason to avoid the browser altogether. Some question whether all Chromium browsers are impacted by this privacy issue.

Browser Optimization

Contrary opinions suggest that Google may use CPU data access to optimize Chrome’s performance, ensuring efficient CPU usage by throttling when needed. However, concerns remain regarding user consent and transparency.

Remembering ‘Do No Evil’

Users reminisce about Google’s famous motto, questioning the ethical implications of the hidden extension. Some believe it goes against the company’s values of transparency and user privacy.