Is the Q800C Worth It for Your TV Nook? Sound Quality Debate

Considering upgrading your soundbar for your TV nook? Let’s dive into the debate surrounding the Q800C and its fit in tight spaces.


  • Side firing speakers limitations
  • Mounting solutions
  • Considerations for sound quality


CalamitousCanadian suggests mounting the soundbar beneath the TV for optimal sound with at least 4 inches of space.


Legfitter recommends using brackets to hold the soundbar below or above the TV using VESA mount holes for better positioning.


WannabeIntelectual believes that mounting the soundbar to the bottom of the TV would enhance the sound quality


TVTooHighMan humorously redirects to a subreddit indicating its preference for TV height rather than soundbar placement.

When it comes to maximizing your sound experience in a constrained space, the positioning of your soundbar plays a crucial role in achieving optimal audio quality. Users weigh in on the effectiveness of the Q800C in a TV nook, offering insights and solutions to make the most of your setup.