Is the Sansui Pre Amp Worth It? Audiophiles Share Their Insights

Looking at the Sansui pre amp? Dive into this post and uncover what fellow audiophiles think about it and why.


  • Discover the allure of the Sansui pre amp through audiophiles’ eyes.
  • Explore the debate on reliability and potential issues with this gear.
  • Uncover the fair price dilemma that leaves buyers scratching their heads.

Beautiful Knobs and Dials

“So many beautiful knobs and dials. That’s what it’s all about.” – thaddeus_flowe

Fusible Resistors Galore

“It’s a really good pre amp. It’s full of fusible resistors that are probably all bad, however.” – altxrtr

Impressive Looks vs. Functionality

“It looks super nice. You should consider getting it fixed, or selling it to someone who will do that.” – Achilles_TroySlayer

The Sound Quality Equation

“I believe sound quality increases by 5% for every button, 10% per knob and 20% per VU meter.” – georgefl74